Patzcuaro. Pueblo Magico.


This past Sunday Fred, Pinky and I drove to Patzcuaro, a town in the state of Michoacan that is about three hours away from San Miguel de Allende. Michoacan is one of the places in Mexico that is famous for all sorts of crafts. It is the birthplace of the decorative skeleton ladies, the Catrinas.  We had an almost life-size one in the courtyard of our charming, dog-friendly hotel, Casa Encantada.We have heard many of our friends in San Miguel speak lovingly of this town, and we were very curious to see it. We stayed until Tuesday, and it was a wonderful adventure. We will definitely go back. Next time we’ll stay longer and visit the many villages that are nearby. But, since pictures speak louder than words, here are some of my favorites from the trip.


Patzcuaro is about two hundred years older than San Miguel, and about 1,ooo feet higher up in the mountains.

I am starting to see that when I am taking pictures I am much more interested in details than in wide expanses. And people…my favorite part of everywhere we go.




DSCF8037web On Sunday, we saw many people from other towns and cities in Mexico who had come here for a weekend. I have to say, it seemed that most of them were enjoying Patzcuaro as much as we were. On Monday and Tuesday, it was mostly locals. I don’t think I have encountered friendlier people anywhere on our travels here.





This lady was selling hats on the square. I love the one I bought from her. And, I love her face.


No matter where we have been in Mexico, there was usually a reason for a parade, dancing, and getting into costumes. This happened on Tuesday morning.




My incredible Mexican driver, Fred and the Rambling Whippet, Pinky Lee. By the way, she is a Big Star in Mexico. It’s a little like walking around with a unicorn.




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