A Book That Could Save Your Life

A Book That Could Save Your Life, and make you much healthier whether you are undergoing chemo or not. Stay Healthy During Chemo by Mike Herbert, ND, with
Joseph Dispenza

(This is the ninth post in a series about my past year. I moved to Mexico…my dream come true…and soon thereafter found myself dealing with cancer and in the middle of a nightmare. I chose to stay in Mexico for all my treatment, and I received great medical and alternative care. I am now well, cancer-free…and remarkably slim.)

By the time I got out of the hospital from the surgery I had pretty much snapped out of my initial state of catatonic shock and knew I had to take charge of what was happening to me. I used the time between the surgery and the start of chemo to put together a team of people in the alternative wellness fields who could support me as I went through chemo and radiation. I had no idea when we moved to San Miguel de Allende that it is a center for alternative medicine. I believe that I received guidance on just the right people to connect with. One of the very helpful people I found was Mike Herbert, who, with Joseph Dispenza, wrote an amazing book, “Stay Healthy During Chemo, the Five Essential Steps”. Mike lives in San Miguel and I was able to have several consultations with him about my diet and the other supportive steps outlined in the book. I read this book straight through, and immediately I felt a real understanding of the connection between cancer and nutrition, a subject that the author has researched thoroughly. He did not have to convince me to do this diet and the other things recommended. I was as highly motivated as a person could be. I really wanted to stay alive and nothing seemed too radical for me. I used this book as a reference throughout my treatment and I think that ANY PERSON WHO FACES THIS CHALLENGE OWES IT TO HERSELF TO GET THIS BOOK. It is available on Amazon. I can honestly say that the information in this book played an important role in saving my life, and it certainly made going through chemo much easier.
This book covers so many important things that can make the difference as to whether you get through chemo with relative ease or you are completely wiped out by it. The five steps discussed are attitude, methods that you can use to detox, diet, supplements, and the balance between exercise and rest. All of these important topics are discussed in detail, and in language that is clear and understandable.
Even if you don’t have an opportunity to meet with Mike Herbert personally, this book will be very helpful. The overall positivity of the book is contagious, and many ideas he shares about attitude are very empowering. One of the main points made is that while chemo can kill malignant cells, it is our job to make ourselves healthy. We can do this by following the program set out in this book. What a patient does during chemo will determine how well he/she will get through it. What a patient does after chemo will establish a lifetime of ongoing health. I intend to stay on this diet, with a few modifications, for the rest of my life. One side effect of all this is that I am now very slim, and I like that. (I will discuss my personal diet in a future post.)
One of the main thing a person has to deal with at the beginning of a journey like this is fear of the unknown. This book helps you to move through the fears, find a way to take charge of your own recovery, and to plan your way to move forward with your life after chemo is over.
“A very powerful book that will change your perspective forever on recovering from cancer. It provides excellent and sound guidelines on protecting your immune system while undergoing and recovering from chemotherapy. This groundbreaking book will help you conquer your fears and anxieties and replace them with healing and hope.” Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS

A Little Trip to Sicily in the Campo of San Miguel

Justin Marino, Laura’s husband and partner in creating wonderful events. This guy can do more things than I could list. Again, a whole other story. Laura Buccheri is in the top photo. She is the force in the kitchen, but she is so charming and beautiful you’ll love her appearances in the dining room as well.

The most exciting thing that I know about that is happening here in San Miguel on the restaurant scene is the soon-to-be-opened Trattoria da Laura, in a new facility at Rancho Los Mezquites. This will serve as an event space for private parties, and I did notice a helicopter landing pad as we drove around the property. But, the good news is that Laura and Justin will be open by reservation  for  an early Saturday dinner (sunsets will be spectacular) and Sunday lunch, to all us hungry souls who are yearning for some of her out-of-this-world cooking.

Fred and I had the pleasure of visiting with Justin and Laura the other day for lunch, which in itself was a pleasure. They live not far from the new restaurant/event space. We had visited them before when they lived further out in the campo. Many people in San Miguel will remember them as La Cucina di Afrodita, when they opened the patio of their home and served lunch on Saturdays and Sundays. Fred and I made it to one of those and it was a delightful afternoon. But, the thing that blew my mind was seeing Laura cook and work her magic in the tiny kitchen of the house.

That is all about to change…and change in a big way. The new building has a magnificent kitchen underway. It is about a 15 minute drive from Centro, and I can already see us there on a Saturday evening watching a sunset as only San Miguel can serve, or perhaps heading out for a Sunday lunch and some time in the wide open spaces that surround San Miguel. But the main motivation for this drive would be to enjoy the cooking and hospitality of Laura Buccheri and Justin Marino, a beautiful couple from Sicily who ended up in Mexico.

All of their many enterprises remain under the brand of La Cucina di Afrodita, and they are very busy right now. In addition to the restaurant, they do a service called Chef at  Home. They will come to your house and wow your friends by preparing the food on the spot. They are also available for catering for your events. They have a  collection of special hand-made cheeses from Justin (who is also an expert with olive trees, and that expertise is what landed them in this happy situation. But, that’s a whole other story). They will be opening another San Miguel venue for sampling a bit of their wonderful food creations at the Mercado Sano, a food haven that’s about to open where the original Don Pedro’s was. It will be called La Spaghetteria, and I think the name says it all. It should open in August.

Much of the produce served at Trattoria da Laura will be grown on the rancho where they live. The menu will be mostly Italian, and will change every week. They are keeping alive the wonderful atmosphere of the meals they used to serve right out of their own small kitchen…the community table, where people can make new friends, the excellent and personal service, and the feeling that you are at a lovely dinner party in a home. To quote Laura, “It’s really not a restaurant. It is more like you are coming to my house to eat. I will decide the menu. Just trust me.” And, I have to say that every time I have had a chance to do that, I have always left with a smile.

Hometown Girl




Morganna Love was born in San Miguel de Allende. I wish I knew more about her story, as what I do know fascinates me. At some point Morganna, who was born male, fully transitioned to female, and became the beautiful woman in these pictures. As a young man, the person who became Morganna also was training in classical opera. There is a documentary film, which I haven’t seen, about her transition, “Made in Bangkok.”

Last night this hometown girl came back to San Miguel, and a reception was held for her at Plata, a new club on Zacateros. This club is the brainchild of a couple of very interesting women, Lady Zen and her partner Lilia Garcelon. I met Lady Zen and Lilia recently at brunch at Aguamiel. I had been curious about their new venture and when I was invited to this reception I decided it would be a good night to check out the scene there. It was a lovely evening. Morganna talked and answered questions. She also sang. It was hard to believe the size of the voice that came out of such a petite woman. I was completely taken by her talent, beauty, and poise. She will be singing at the Angela Peralta Theatre, in concert with Xavier Gibler and the Choir of the Opera, here in San Miguel on June 9. I have been told that the town loves her, and that was pretty evident by last night’s attendance. It was a large crowd in a fairly small room and she held everyone spellbound.

Having been visiting San Miguel for a few years before we decided to live here, I had often wondered why there wasn’t a place here that catered to the LGBT audience. I think that Plata has filled that need. And, it is pretty obvious that there is a need for just such a place. But, Plata felt like much more than a bar. It seemed like a community. The crowd was mixed, in all the ways I could name. I would say that most of the people there were young, and Mexican, but I also felt that any like-minded person would be welcomed there. I certainly felt welcomed. The mood was very sophisticated. This club isn’t just about entertainment, it is also about education. They present many different art forms, and give the performers an opportunity to interact with the audience. I think some evenings just involve a DJ, and dancing.

The room is on the ground floor of a Lebanese restaurant, and you enter by walking down some stairs. It truly does have a bit of an “underground mystique.” They have done a very good job of putting the space together in an artful way. There were beautiful flowers in the room, lots of little treats being passed around for the reception, and Lady Zen and Lilia were the perfect hostesses. It was a event befitting a diva, and the diva held up her end of the deal. She was charming throughout the questions and answers, and her singing was compelling. I hope to go to her concert tomorrow night. I am sure it will be an evening to remember.

Plata. I am glad to find such a place in San Miguel, and I will definitely visit again.  It isn’t just another new bar in a town that is quickly exploding with new bars and restaurants that have a big city feeling. It is place that is filling a genuine need, and seems to be off to a very good start.

Lilia Garcelon, one of the masterminds behind Plata. She is a performance artist, dancer, and describes herself as a “nightlife personality.” Not to mention she is extremely photogenic.


Lady Zen. The other half of the energy behind Plata. She is a wonderfully outgoing personality, and quite a singer herself. I saw her perform last fall and I haven’t forgotten how impressed I was.


Aguamiel…Our Favorite in San Miguel

DSCF5968webWhen Fred and I first arrived in San Miguel, one of the first restaurants we wanted to try was Aguamiel. We had heard a lot of good things about it, and it was in the neighborhood of our temporary rental, San Antonio.

We had a bit of a hard time finding it, but once we did, we wanted to return. The pictures for this piece were actually taken in November, on our second visit to this charming restaurant. We immediately felt like old friends with Jennifer, the “front of the house,” and her partner, Gaby, the chef. Since that visit I couldn’t count how many times we’ve been to Agua Miel. Whenever we have an out-of-town guest, they have to go to Agua Miel. If we are getting together for a night out with some of our local friends, we usually suggest Aguamiel. Whenever it’s just a night that we want to go out and have not only a delicious meal, but also a lovely dining experience, it’s Aguamiel. 

The menu is interesting, and seriously caters to vegan and vegetarian needs. But we recently took an extreme carnivore there and she had a grand time with some short ribs. This morning for brunch all I wanted was two poached eggs, some tortillas, and avocado…certainly not an order that would excite many chefs. But, did Gaby ever pull it off. I was presented with a beautiful plate, exactly what I had requested, and done to perfection. To me, the real test of a chef is not how well they can do something fancy. It’s how well they can do the simple things with excellence.

November seems very far away to me now. Lots has happened in the meantime. One of the things that has happened is that Jennifer and Gaby have become our friends, and Aguamiel  has become our go-to favorite place in San Miguel. (As a reference for our Nashville friends, a lot like Margot Cafe.)

Aguamiel Cocina Rustica   Chef Gaby Green   Pipila 3A   Colonia San Antonio   San Miguel de Allende, MX.   415 150 7387  Open Fridays, Saturdays, and Mondays from 3-9. Sunday 11-3

Media Luna and Gil

There is a wonderful band of young men pictured here who play in San Miguel de Allende. They call themselves “Media Luna.” (Sorry about the photo. I only had my iPhone).They play as a complete band, but they frequently join with my wonderful friend, Gil Gutierrez, a master guitarist who is from Oaxaca and lives with his wife, Rebecca, in San Miguel. The most wonderful thing about Gil…aside from his amazing ability to play a guitar, is the way he nurtures other musicians, especially young ones. He seems to get such joy out of other people’s talents. It is a joy for me to watch as he plays with these guys, and for some reason it always makes me cry a little bit.

I always enjoy going out to Zandunga, Gil and Rebecca’s venue out in the country, to hear whatever music Gil has assembled there. But, my favorite is a mixture of Gil and Media Luna. The music is mostly Flamenco/Jazz guitar. Usually quite dramatic. When I sit and listen, I know without a doubt that I am in Mexico.

This past Sunday we took a trip to Zandunga once again. It was wonderful, as usual. I always tell Rebecca that she sure knows how to throw a party, because that’s what it feels like at Zandunga. This Sunday was no exception. One at a time, Media Luna walked out into the crowd and started playing their guitars. Then Gil walked out and joined in. The crowd was totally into it. What a gift to San Miguel to have such a place as Zandunga, and an artist such as Gil. And what great blessing for a young musician to have the opportunity to play with him and learn from him. And the beauty is, he seems to be learning from them as well.

La Cucina di Afrodita, a lunch in the country

justin.jpgLast year when we visited in San Miguel de Allende, we met a charming couple from Sicily, who had just moved here and were living out in the country at Rancho Jaguar. We really enjoyed their company and realized very soon that Laura was a spectacular cook. Right about the time we left they had started a catering business, and were beginning to serve meals in their home, which is located close to Atotonilco. Part of the fun of visiting  them is the setting, which is on the property of an amazing nursery of very beautiful desert plants. Chickens and turkeys and various friendly dogs and cats complete the picture…you are really out in the campo.

The  meals that are served at the home of Laura and her handsome husband Justin, have the atmosphere of an intimate party at the home of a friend…a friend who can really cook. We were excited this afternoon to join the group that gathered there for lunch. People are seated at two long tables, and encouraged to chat and visit with each other. You arrive anticipating a wonderful meal, which you will definitely have, and you leave having made new friends. They have a garden there as well, so much of the produce is grown on site. They can comfortably serve about 20 people and focus on late lunches on Saturdays and Sundays, but can be booked for other times as well. There is a welcome cocktail when you arrive, which is served while you mingle with the other guests, and wine is served with the meal. Laura is a magician in the kitchen and Justin turns on the charm in the front of the house. Her kitchen is tiny but the food is a big production, and impeccable. They make everything….the bread, the cheese, even the limoncello. These two are a real gift to San Miguel and if you live here, or if you plan to visit, this is a must-do experience. They have a website as well as a FaceBook page, La Cucina di Afrodita. Check them out for more information. And, by all means get their newsletter. http://lacucinadiafrodita.wix.com/lacucinadiafrodita#!

The meal today was Tomato Soup with housemade ricotta cheese and fresh baked croutons, followed by Blueberry Risotto with porcini mushrooms that they brought back from Italy. While this sounds like a rather strange combination, just trust me, it works. Next was a gorgeous salad with greens so fresh they seemed to sing, Roasted  Salmon with a wonderful looking pistachio crust and sauce of potatoes (for Fred), an incredible dessert called Blanco y Negro, which involved a puff pastry, whipped cream and chocolate mousse. I have never been a big fan of Limoncello, but this one was phenomenal.    (Sorry these pictures are out of order). Many thanks to our host and hostess for a wonderful afternoon and an unforgettable meal.salad.jpgrisotto.jpgblanco y negro.jpglemoncello.jpgsalmon.jpg

tomato soup .jpg

Zandunga—Magic in El Campo

After Fred and Pinky and I arrived in San Miguel de Allende, one of the very first things we wanted to do was visit Zandunga, the new venue created by the virtuoso guitarist, Gil Gutierrez. It is a large open-air stone building with a great kitchen and bar built on a rancho that Gil has had for a while. You get a sense that this place is a dream come true for Gil and his wife, Rebecca. A place where they can do what they do—provide hospitality and wonderful music. The minute you walk onto the grounds you sense a welcoming spirit. We had met Gil and heard him play when we were in San Miguel last year. His music is amazing, and we were really looking forward to hearing him again. The thing that impressed us about him, almost as much as his music, was what a friendly, warm, and laid-back guy he was. None of the ego one would expect to encounter from such an incredibly talented and revered artist.


Going to the country on a Sunday afternoon has become our favorite part of the week here in San Miguel de Allende, and we were very curious to see what Gil had created. We were not disappointed…in fact, we were delighted.

We had met a really interesting woman while we were here before, and gotten to know her a bit on FaceBook. So, when Linda Bacon McBurney invited us to join her and her husband, Charles, to go with them and a couple of friends to Zandunga, we were quite excited. We went early and had a great table. This place is the complete package for a perfect afternoon. Music, dancing, delicious food, and hanging out with like-minded people in a gorgeous setting in the countryside of the mountainous state of Guanajuato.


And, the buffet was an abundance of the flavors of Mexico. Rebecca oversees the food and drink, and she does it with the same style and charm that Gil infuses into the music. When I asked Rebecca to recommend a good tequila, she didn’t miss a beat. Herradura Ultra. Now I’m hooked. I had never had this, but it has to be the smoothest, gentlest tequila in the world.


Fred and I walked Pinky around the grounds that afternoon and we had what we call a “Mexico Moment.” An instant in time where we both completely understood why we have moved to Mexico. Zandunga is a word that is sometimes translated as gracefulness, elegance, charm, and celebration. It refers to a style of music that is from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, in the state of Oaxaca, which is where Gil is from. We felt the spirit of the music on Sunday afternoon. We also felt the spirt of Mexico. It was one of those magic afternoons that words simply don’t do justice.

If you are ever in San Miguel de Allende on a Sunday afternoon, you really must go out in the country to Zandunga. Tickets are $400 pesos and must be bought in advance. They are available at Hernández Macias #129. from 12 noon until 4. Call 152.4608 to arrange pickup. The price of the ticket includes your first house drink, a bountiful buffet from a beautiful open kitchen, and some of the best music you’ll hear anywhere. Bring your dancing shoes. You really don’t want to miss this experience. And, thanks again, Linda, for the invite.

An Afternoon with Anado

The expression, “words cannot describe” completely applies to the afternoon I spent yesterday at the home and studio of Anado McLauchlin and his partner Richard Schultz, two wonderful artists who have created a world of their own in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Enjoy a few of the visuals from this fascinating afternoon.

DSCF5311web DSCF5318web DSCF5323web DSCF5327web DSCF5328web DSCF5330web DSCF5331web DSCF5339web DSCF5340web DSCF5344web DSCF5347web DSCF5350web DSCF5353web DSCF5356web DSCF5358web DSCF5374web DSCF5375web DSCF5377web DSCF5385web

How We Had an Amazing Estate Sale

The guy in the picture is Michael Taylor, one of my new favorite people. This is the back story on our estate sale….you know, the one I pestered you with all last week. It is a huge part of the puzzle entitled, “How we sold our business, sold our cars, sold our house, sold (a lot of) our stuff, and moved to San Miguel. Perhaps you’ll find this story helpful. And, ps, it’s much better to have an estate sale while you’re still alive. Just saying’…….

When Fred and I were working out the details of all that would be involved in our move to Mexico, one of the factors was that we would have a lot of things we wouldn’t take with us. The process of clearing our our attic and basement (not to mention the part of the house that we actually lived in) was so overwhelming that we almost decided to give up on the whole idea.

Having lived in the house together for 35 years, the amount of things we had accumulated was remarkable. It started with the attic. Since it was hotter than hell in the attic, early each morning Fred would bring boxes and bags of things down for me to go through. I did the standard sort–throw away, give away, sell, keep. The throw aways easily filled two dump trucks…I am not exaggerating…one part of the project was a company called 1-800-GotJunk. (Their service was not cheap, but after checking all the options, it seemed like the best way to get the junk out of there.) They hauled away a dump truck and a half. Fred put at least a half a dump truck load gradually in the trash. The give-aways ranged from friends graciously accepting things that they may (or may not) have really wanted to a run to Good Will drop off on a bi-weekly basis. The sells got put into boxes and labeled, “sell.” The keeps got put into boxes and labeled, “take.” When the boxes started to completely fill the house we rented a PODS. (Side note: this was one of our best ideas. It really solved the storage problem and that company really has great customer service.) When we loaded the PODS we put the “takes” on one side and the “sells” on the other.

Finally, around the middle of August, the house was ready to go on the market. Our wonderful agents, Keith Merrill and Jonny Gleaton, were quite helpful in the staging. And then even more stuff went into the PODS. The house sold in less than three weeks, which left just enough time to pack again for the movers to come. The PODS came back to our driveway, after having been stored while the house was on the market. The movers (more about that in a future post) were very efficient, and things were loaded and heading to Mexico on October 7, the same day that the sale of the house closed.

The idea of a sale of our “stuff” had been one part of this whole move that had really felt like a nightmare to me. I was having a very hard time wrapping my head around what that was going to involve. Then a good friend who had previously been in the estate sale business advised us to get in touch with Michael Taylor, “The best in the business.” Well, that kind of recommendation coming from someone who should know (thanks, Carolyn Elam) sounded pretty good. All I can say is that it was wonderful to deal with Michael and his very professional team. The set-up for the sale was on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. We didn’t have to do anything but leave them alone. In fact, the contract forbade us to come near the house on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during sale hours. Michael talked to us each day to let us know what was going on. Of course, since I am a control freak who gets very excited about sales, I constantly promoted the sale on FaceBook. Not only was the sale a success (we cleared enough money to pay for the cost of the move and have money left over to buy some things to furnish a house in Mexico), it was also remarkable in other ways. They did a job with the display (which I saw on Wednesday afternoon) that made everything look interesting and attractive. They set the house up like a museum, with things from the basement to the attic. And, they priced everything. At the end of the sale, it was very important to have everything out of the house, because we turned it over to the new owners on the very next day. (Michael Taylor will continue to have the things that didn’t sell on consignment). When we arrived the next day to make sure everything was shipshape, it was. Michael had taken what would have been a monumental job and made it a piece of cake (for us). He certainly earned his commission, and I would highly recommend his service to anyone who is having an estate or moving sale. It just goes to show, any job is better done by the right professional. In the world of estate sales, Michael Taylor is definitely the guy.

Michael Taylor Estate and Moving Sales   http://www.MichaelTaylorEstateSales.com  615-545-2867

How We Figured Out How to Retire…..(it’s all in the planning)

To fully appreciate this post you need to understand that I have always been totally clueless about money. As a child, money was truly a sore spot in our home and the basis of most arguments between my parents. When I went out on my own, I lived from paycheck to paycheck, and my money situation was one day at a time. I never thought ahead, never had any savings, and was usually late paying bills. I couldn’t manage my checking account and more than once I just closed one and opened another because things had gotten so screwed up they seemed hopeless. I don’t know if any of you can relate to this, but I suspect someone out there can.

When I met Fred I was attracted to the fact that he was a responsible adult. By that time (I was 35) I was ready for some sort of order in my life. After a few years of marriage we found ourselves running our small jewelry business together. Fred’s job was running the business, mine was creating the jewelry. It was not an overnight success, and many times we were both overwhelmed by how hard it was to make the whole thing work. But Fred was remarkably supportive and he always encouraged me not to give up. Somehow we always managed to meet payroll, and keep it in the road. One thing Fred did early on was start IRAs for us. We just put in a little, but it was consistent. Of course, we both paid Social Security and I had worked for Metro Schools long enough to have a small pension coming in my future. I remained pretty clueless about money. Money always scared me. I didn’t want to know the dollars and cents part of the business, and left all that up to Fred. Thank goodness for Fred. We had a good life with our business, but we also had some times when things were tight.

We reached a point where Fred knew we needed to sit down with someone who could help us understand our financial picture, and have some sort of vision for the future. A friend had recommended Kay Quinn. Fred insisted that I go to the meeting with him. I protested, as I really had an aversion to talking about money. I think my vision for the future was that I would work until I absolutely couldn’t and then live in a cardboard box. I always expected to hear the worst where money was involved. So, I went metaphorically kicking and screaming to the meeting. And, was I in for a surprise when I met Kay Quinn. For the first time in my life someone was talking about money in a way that held my attention. I listened and I understood. She had us make a general budget of what we needed to spend on a yearly basis. She figured out what was going on with all our sources of retirement income. She asked us how long we expected to live. (We both said to 100). She entered our financial picture into a computer program and showed us how we could make it work. I was completely amazed. I never complained about going to a meeting with Kay again. I also like John Stauffer, who works with Kay for us, and her handsome son, Andrew Quinn, who is the third advisor on the team of three. They are a small business, which means each client gets excellent attention. While I think John and Andrew are great at what they do, I have to admit that dealing one on one with another female was probably the hook for me. At other times of my life when I had had to talk about finances with a man in a suit my eyes would usually just glaze over. Kay always makes me feel like she gets me, and I feel I can express myself to her in the same way I would to a really close friend.

The plan was in place and I was going to work until I was 70. That was fine until I decided a year early that I had had enough. This took some re-doing of the plan, but Kay made it all work. I was really ready to quit, but the quitting process took about a year. It was not an easy year, but we were happy to sell our business and move on. We have been throwing Kay curve balls right and left, and she always makes it work with our plan. Selling the house a few years ahead of our downsizing plan, moving to Mexico—-changes, changes, changes. Not only has Kay been supportive, she has cheered us on to follow our dreams. She has helped us with every stage of every process since we have been her clients. She helped us price our business. She helps us deal with the whats and wheres and whys of each question we have. She even helped us figure out what we could comfortably spend for our next house in Mexico. And she does it with patience and a sense of humor, and with absolutely no judgment.  Just my kind of woman, that’s all I can say. She is incredibly smart, very plugged in, and understands how investments work. But, most of all, she is a voice of plain common sense and she speaks in ways that I can understand. And, if I don’t understand, she helps me out until I do.

Kay and her partners are not stock brokers. They are certified financial planners. They do manage investments, and they carefully assess the risks that clients are willing to take. They keep an eye on the market and make sure that their clients are not exposed when risk outweighs opportunity.

Many of the friends that Fred and I have are quite a bit younger than we are. I suspect that for some of them, the idea of retiring is a bit of the great unknown. In fact, when I was 65, retirement was the last thing on my mind. Then I started to realize that work was becoming more like work and less like fun to me. In a moment of time, I knew that I wanted to quit with the same amount of passion I had had when I wanted to begin. I had no doubt, and honestly it frustrated me when I realized I was going to have to work one more year so that things would end properly. I wanted to spend more time in Mexico, and I was tired of selling, tired of dealing with problems, and tired of meeting payroll. So, I say to my friends who seem unable to wrap their heads around retirement–don’t worry. When you are ready, you’ll know. And, if you are enjoying your work, keep at it. But, my motto about life certainly applies to work, too. Always quit while you’re still having fun.

In the meantime, you are never too young to start your financial plan. I am very thankful that I partnered with a man who has a good head for keeping things together. I am also very thankful that he insisted I go to that first meeting with Kay. She has not only opened my eyes to seeing the big picture, she has assured me that I won’t be living in a cardboard box.

Quinn Financial Partners   (615)297-3434
2726 Larmon Drive | Nashville, TN 37204   http://www.quinnfinancialpartners.com