Perfect Poaching….a close up of a beautiful thing.

Time for a little cooking around this house. Here is a beautiful meal that is wonderful for breakfast, lunch, or a light, easy dinner…Avocado Toast with an Egg. This one is so easy you don’t need a recipe. Just look at the picture. Toast your favorite bread, find a perfectly ripe avocado and mush it up, and top with a beautifully poached egg. Your side dish can be anything you like….here we have sautéed greens and mushrooms. It could have been chopped tomatoes, steamed asparagus, or no side at all.

For most people, poaching eggs is a great mystery. I pride myself on this skill, and that is the way I usually cook them. I recently poached 15 eggs at once (a pan on every burner) and that was quite a feat. I am enclosing a video for you about poaching eggs. (I have never tried the method using cling wrap.) Give egg poaching a trial and error. It may take a few errors to get it down, but once you do, it’s quite easy.       This is the link to the egg poaching video. And, I do have to add a disclaimer….the dish in this photo was prepared by my friends, Candace Keller and Arnold Myint. I just was around to eat it.