Some Things are Priceless

Several friends have asked about the cost of living in Mexico. I will start by saying that it is most definitely lower, even in San Miguel de Allende, one of the most expensive places in the country. (It is always on the short list of the World’s most fabulous places, so that does jack things up a bit). To give you just one comparison….yesterday was a kind of a play day for Fred and I, and we splurged a bit. We had a lovely lunch at a really picturesque place with a rooftop you couldn’t duplicate. Cost of lunch for 2, with tip, $27. While we were at lunch we started chatting with Brian and Lisa, a really nice young couple from Vancouver, who were here to celebrate their anniversary. We all clicked, and they invited us to meet them for drinks yesterday evening. They wanted to go to the rooftop of the Rosewood Hotel, a very high glam spot designed for wealthy tourists. We said ok, and were kind of glad to check it out as we hadn’t been there since our first visit to town. But, the word that always comes to my mind on the Rosewood is “bougie.” It was actually delightful. Fred and I each had two cocktails…total with tip, $30. (This would have been more like $19 at a more typical San Miguel bar. Probably $72 at a comparable bar in Nashville.) Since Fred and I had thought they might like to join us for dinner, we had made reservations for 4 at a very hip restaurant that we like. They were thrilled, as this was on their list of places to try. La Parada is all atmosphere, and the food is delicious. Total for dinner…2 appetizers, 2 entrees, 2 drinks, with tip, $44. A meal like this in Nashville would have been about $100.
So, this is some pricing on luxury eating out for a fun day with some fun people. And, that’s another thing we love about SMA. There is an atmosphere here that encourages people to just be friendly. The likelihood that we would have started a conversation with total strangers in a restaurant in Nashville, and then gone out with them for an evening—most likely not. But, we enjoyed spending time with our new Canadian friends and it was fun to watch someone else experience this magical little city for the first time. When you’re in San Miguel, it’s hard not to be in love…with the town and with your partner.