A Summer Memory

fredonfloatxxsAbout this time last summer, we took Pinky and┬ádrove to upstate New York to spend some time with our friend Keith and his two wonderful pups. It was a three day drive, but worth it. I understand why Keith makes this his own private paradise. He has a camp there where his family went for summers when he was a child. He gets away and goes there as often as he can. Over the years of our friendship, Keith has frequently invited us to visit there. I am so glad we did—not just for our wonderful summer experience but also because it gave me a chance to get to know another side of our lovely friend.

Usually being on the water means being on a beach in Mexico for Fred and I, but this beautiful lake was about as good as it gets. This is a shot of Fred in the water with Keith and his pups on the dock. They didn’t know I took this photo. Not sure what Pinky was doing, but pretty sure she was right by my side.