Where am I? Where have I been? Where am I going?

Currently I am experiencing a very exciting time of my life. I have not “officially” announced any of this on FaceBook, as I must wait until the house is officially on the market. So, I’m only sharing this with my fellow bloggers. Fred and I are moving to Mexico in October. I am physically still in Nashville, working hard to get all the details in order. So much to do to make the house as perfect as possible. Not to mention sorting through 35 years of living in this same house…a house that has an attic and a basement. We are getting rid of the things we no longer love, and packing the things we are not ready to do without. There is now a POD in the drive-way, so that is probably a clue to the world as to what is going on. We have located a moving company to take a van of belongings across the border and on to San Miguel. We will soon be going to the Mexican Consulate in Atlanta to start the process on our temporary residency. I am going to have to sell my sweet little red MiniCooper, as I won’t be needing it in Mexico. (We’ll be traveling in the “Meximobile”…the Rav4 that we bought last summer for our 6 month journey.) We have had several parties this summer because we want to spend time with our Nashville friends. I hope that our close friends will visit us in San Miguel because I don’t think we’ll be back here all that much. We had thought of buying a condo here, but Nashville real estate prices have hit the roof and we’d rather spend the money on a swell place there. Plus, owning a place we don’t live in seems like a rather expensive hassle. And, after being quite displeased with the state of things when we returned this spring after renting our house for 6 months, we know we definitely don’t want to be international landlords.

We are ready to start a new chapter and have new experiences. Nashville has been great for us in many ways. We have transformed our house here into a very personal environment that we have loved. At one time, not so long ago, I would have never thought I would ever be ready to leave. But, also, at one time, not so long ago, I would have never thought I’d ever be ready to retire. My work (designing jewelry) meant so much to me, and it had become a big part of my identity. And, this house had also become such a part of my identity as well. It feels a little strange to just walk out of things. But, when you are ready it is a wonderful, liberating experience. The trip for 6 months in Mexico this past year really opened our eyes to how we’d like to spend our lives. Turns out the call to Mexico is much more appealing than staying put. We are ready for something new and adventurous. Fred, who is the cautious one of this pair, is just as ready as I am, and I am very thankful for that.

As I said, physically I am in Nashville. But, spiritually and mentally I am already in San Miguel de Allende, sitting on a park bench, eating street corn.


I first met Dylan Stevens when he was modeling this year for Nashville Fashion Week.  Dylan is a beautiful person who is capable of appearing as a male or a female, and he moves fluidly between the two. He might meet you for dinner in stilettos and jeans. What he does isn’t “drag” at all.  It is just amazing.  I asked him to let me photograph him and I started a whole series of photos with him having interactions with himself-both genders in the same scenario. Yes, photoshop was involved.  In a sense, there are many sides to each of us.  This project is about those possibilities.  I am very curious as to how people will react to these images.