The 30 Day Challenge. Why I Love to Live in Mexico. Reason #9. The Flower Lady


One of my very favorite everyday things about living in Mexico is that some things that would be luxuries to me in the States are very affordable here. A perfect example is that a lady knocks on my door twice a week with fresh flowers for sale. Armloads of fresh flowers for sale. I happen to love roses quite a lot and I can enjoy a fresh bouquet of them in my living room and in my bedroom. A dozen long-stemmed gorgeous roses cost about $3.75. Delivered. Lupe, the lady who brings the flowers knows that I love roses, so she always promotes them to me. One day last week a different lady came by, but I didn’t buy from her, as I tend to be a loyal person, and suspected she was cutting in on Lupe’s territory. When Lupe came the next day, I mentioned to her that someone else had been by, but that I had waited for her. She shook her head and said I would always know her by the blue bucket that she carries her flowers in. I smiled and told her that I would always know her face.