Media Luna and Gil

There is a wonderful band of young men pictured here who play in San Miguel de Allende. They call themselves “Media Luna.” (Sorry about the photo. I only had my iPhone).They play as a complete band, but they frequently join with my wonderful friend, Gil Gutierrez, a master guitarist who is from Oaxaca and lives with his wife, Rebecca, in San Miguel. The most wonderful thing about Gil…aside from his amazing ability to play a guitar, is the way he nurtures other musicians, especially young ones. He seems to get such joy out of other people’s talents. It is a joy for me to watch as he plays with these guys, and for some reason it always makes me cry a little bit.

I always enjoy going out to Zandunga, Gil and Rebecca’s venue out in the country, to hear whatever music Gil has assembled there. But, my favorite is a mixture of Gil and Media Luna. The music is mostly Flamenco/Jazz guitar. Usually quite dramatic. When I sit and listen, I know without a doubt that I am in Mexico.

This past Sunday we took a trip to Zandunga once again. It was wonderful, as usual. I always tell Rebecca that she sure knows how to throw a party, because that’s what it feels like at Zandunga. This Sunday was no exception. One at a time, Media Luna walked out into the crowd and started playing their guitars. Then Gil walked out and joined in. The crowd was totally into it. What a gift to San Miguel to have such a place as Zandunga, and an artist such as Gil. And what great blessing for a young musician to have the opportunity to play with him and learn from him. And the beauty is, he seems to be learning from them as well.