The Magic Garden


Alfonso Alarcon of Terra. He is a very popular landscape designer in San Miguel de Allende.

One of the things that Fred and I liked most about the house we bought in San Miguel de Allende was the little garden off the living room. We knew we would need to “tweak” it a bit, but it was basically pretty nice. There is a dining area, a sitting area, and lots of cacti and succulents, which are my favorite plants. Pinky took to it immediately, and while it is small, it is still big enough for her to run around just a little bit. She loves to sit outside in the sunshine. We love to sit outside in the shade of the big umbrella. One of the best things about this garden is the huge pencil cactus that looks like a big tree. It has some flowering vines clustered inside it that the hummingbirds really love.

The past few days have been devoted to tweaking the garden. We engaged the services of a wonderful landscape designer, Alfonso Alarcon. Interestingly enough, the name of his business here in San Miguel is Terra, which is the name of the service we used in Nashville. He and his crew came in for about four days of work, and we ended up with the garden looking exactly right. I might also add that they left everything each day in perfect order. They moved some of the plants we already had around to different spots, and added a few new ones. The most exciting of the new plants  is a little grove of five organos. They rediscovered an old fountain that had been hidden under vines and brought it back to life. Alfonso did the original landscaping for this garden when the house was first renovated, many years ago. Then the owners that we bought it from undid that, and did what we had when we moved in. It was nice for Alfonso to come back to the site and work his magic touch. We are so very pleased with our garden, and look forward to enjoying watching some of the new plants grow up to maturity. Our little touches are the glass balls, most of which we found at a dump! (San Miguel manufactures lots of glass and there is an actual glass dump, when you can get lucky and find rejects.) The big mirror one I found in a shop. I think the reflection is a nice contrast to the plants and the rocks.


The showcase corner, with the organo, the fountain, and the glass balls.


A lovely detail, our big agave. Note the little sculpture. It was a gift from a dear person, Margaret Beasley. I have always treasured it, and this is such a happy home for it.


Another detail…a succulent (with babies) and the big mirror ball.


Una Mujer de Fe

With the help of Google Translate, this post is written in Spanish, because that is the language of the person I want to talk about today. The English version is at the bottom.

Una Mujer de Fe
Si usted es un amigo de Facebook, es posible que recuerde un par de semanas que puse un post acerca de Violeta, una masajista que tenía found. Desde que puse ese puesto, Violeta y yo se han convertido en amigos en Facebook. Y, desde sus puestos supe que ella es una mujer de fe, que cree en el poder de la oración y los milagros. Y, eso está bien conmigo. Siempre siento la buena energía que viene a través de sus manos. Para estar cerca de ella es una alegría. Ella trata de ser útil con mi español, porque me gusta hablar español cuando puedo. A pesar de que tenemos una capacidad limitada para hablar unos con otros, estamos llegando a conocer unos a otros. Soy muy afortunada de tener este hermoso espíritu que mi vida. Ella me ayuda a recordar que también creo en los milagros y en un Poder que es mucho mayor que la mía. Ayer decidí jugar Dire Straits mientras lo hacía su magia. No estaba segura de cómo se sentiría acerca de esta música, como pensé que podría sonar un poco no familiarizado con ella. Cuando se fue, me dijo, “Me gusta la musica hoy.”

Si usted vive en San Miguel se pueden encontrar en el estudio de Violeta Quebrada, justo al lado de la Casa Hyder, la casa grande cubierto de flores

A Woman of Faith
If you are a FaceBook friend, it is possible you remember a couple of weeks ago I put up a post about Violeta, a masseuse I had found.Since I put up that post, Violeta and I have become friends on FaceBook. And, from her posts I learned that she is a woman of faith, who believes in the power of prayer and miracles. And, that’s fine with me. I always feel the good energy that comes through her hands. To be around her is a joy. She tries to be helpful with my Spanish, because I like to speak Spanish when I can. Although we have a limited ability to talk with each other, we are getting to know each other. I am very blessed to have this beautiful spirit I my life. She helps me to remember that I also believe in miracles and in a Power that is much higher than my own. Yesterday I decided to play Dire Straits while she did her magic. I wasn’t sure how she would feel about this music, as I thought it might sound a bit unfamiliar to her. As she left she told me, “Me gusta la musica hoy.” (I liked the music today.)
If you live in San Miguel you can find Violeta’s studio on Quebrada, right next door to Casa Hyder, the big house covered with flowers.